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Next Auction: Sunday 20:00, November 26th, 2017

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Welcome to EMTA Auctions

The European Mixed Trotter Auction is open for trotters of all nations. We have yearlings, racehorses, foals, stallions and broodmares from a variety of nationalities for sale. EMTA Auctions offers an online market space for trotters of all nations and categories, by combining many years of experience with the newest technologies.   

On Friday 22th of September the first EMTA Auction has taken place at the Frysian Congress Centre Drachten in The Netherlands. At this auction it was possible to visit the physical auction and bid in person as well as being able to bid real-time via internet. 

On Sunday 26th of November the second EMTA Auction will take place. Unique at this auction is that it will be internet-only. You will be able to bid online, convenient and time efficient from your own home or office, through the “Live Auction”-bidscreen. The auctioneer will be broadcasted real-time and online bidders can bid interactively against each other. Registration can be completed within 5 minutes on our website. Maximizing the accessibility generates more participants, resulting in higher prices.

We intend to organize online auctions for trotters multiple times per year for the European market.